Roman Vozniuk


The UKREURODOR Company has been specialized for more than 11 years in the construction of roads, paving and landscaping. The company is among the leaders in the market these days.

In the age of technology and high-speed developed industry construction is left aside, paving roads is not an exception. But nowadays the research is being already conducting so that we should soon allow to increase the strength characteristics of the coating.

In our work we use only materials of the highest quality from trusted suppliers, we know exactly what technology should be used in carrying out your specific problem. In addition to all we give a guarantee on the work performed. Anyway we are responsible for the quality by our reputation!

In addition, the UKREURODOR Company gained a reputation as an honest and conscientious performer and a partner wich always performs the most difficult work on time and efficiently. Our employees – our pride! A qualified staff is always responsible for the quality of work performed.


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