Excavation development

To earthen works the UkrEuroDor Company is engaged in is the development of construction pits. This process can be quite labor-intensive, requiring a good specialists’ knowledge and it should not be trusted to some private brigades in order to save money. Otherwise there is a risk not only to frustrate construction works, but also to make major mistakes, which entail the problems of subsequent construction work. In other words to treat the development of soil in the excavation should be taken very seriously.

Why it is necessary to focus on the development of soil in the pit.

Firstly we should note that the consumption of the building material will depend on this earth work as well as the quality of the construction object by itself. Also, proper soil development makes the foundation more reliable and durable. This stage of work is considered very important, and as usual it begins with geodetic work, as well as analysis of the state of the soil and its features.

In addition, in the development of soil in the excavation, the level of groundwater height is determined, appropriate bends are made as well as the drainage systems that ensure the dryness of the foundation of the structure in the future.

Stages of work

Initially experts are studying the features of the soil. Then comes the turn of the direct work with the excavation. In hard-to-reach areas soil development for the excavation is done manually and has several stages, as in mechanical engineering.

• The excavation marking is processed.
• The depth and dimensions are determined.
• The excavation is being carried out.
• Ground compaction is being carried out.
• Removal of garbage and soil from the construction site.

Advantages of our company to competitors

The clients of the UkrEuroDor Company always get a high-class work done the result of which is the longevity and reliability of the erected object.

The price for the development of soil in a construction pits the UkrEuroDor Company offers is always lower than our competitors do. The experience of excavation in UkrEuroDor Company is already quite huge and it gives our specialists an advantage among other brigades.

In addition, we own the most advanced special equipment that allows us to start the work immediately in all necessary cases. This saves time and money for our customers when renting the necessary equipment.


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