Pavement tile arrangement (FEM)

To arrange the territory in front of the office or shop, to make a comfortable walking path without puddles and dirt – all these tasks can be solved by laying paving tile. In addition, due to the variety of shapes and colors, this material allows you to experiment with the landscape design of the territory, changing its appearance beyond recognition.

The price question

For the customer of this service the cost is not the last value, but it is not always possible to say exactly what it is. The fact is that the price of laying paving slabs depends on several circumstances:

  • scope of work,
  • method of laying,
  • contractor conditions.

Today, in many large cities, paving tiles is everywhere and Kyiv is not an exception in this sense. The UkrEuroDor Company is Paving tiles not only in such a manner that guarantees its customers a high speed of work, but also the most attractive prices, and the reduction in the cost of the service is not held at the expense of quality.


If you want to equip pedestrian-friendly pavement, our specialists are ready to help in solving this problem.

The principle of laying paving tiles

Walking on the surface made of such material, many people may think that this is a paving stone. But this is not quite the right definition, since the paving stones are made from natural stone, and the paving tile is an artificial material based on cement and sand – a material that is not inferior to natural stone:

• – has high strength;
• – good when temperature changes hard;
• – does not absorb moisture;
• – due to precise geometric shapes is easy to lay.


But in order to take advantage by the advantages of this material, professional paving should be carried out in several stages:

• the preparatory stage involves preparing the surface and determining the top level of the tile;
• carrier layer arrangement made of gravel or crushed stone, which is rammed by a plate compactor, the thickness of the layer varies within 20 cm;
• installation of a special curb, which allows us to avoid the scattering of the gravel cushion;
• arrangement of a leveling sand cushion over the gravel layer;
• flooring tiles;
• sealing of seams.


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