Project and engineering

The complex work that is necessary to design and conduct new construction, known as Design and survey work. Itself it includes several stages of action: Engineering and survey works, preparation of the project, preparation of budget and planning feasibility studies construction. Not a single serious construction of any building, whether it could be a house, or a car parking area or simply a road goes without drawing bots. And you should better trust a professional company that is well established in the market.

The importance of the construction phase

From the result of design and engineering depends on how long and how well the structure will function as a result. At the same time the  quality of work affects the efficiency of construction:

– the amount of material used can be reduced or increased;

– construction time can either keep within set limits, or longer.

First attention should be paid at the stage of selection of land for construction, as well as the correct choice will depend on the timing of operations, and financial investment.

The cost of development works

The cost of development works is determined individually, depending on the following factors:

  1. location of the land;
  2. level of accessibility for machinery;
  3. land area.

Note that you can clarify the prices for design and survey works in UkrEuroDor any time contacting managers by telephone. The cost of services includes the whole range of actions  our specialists need for the full implementation of complex design and exploration work.

Rely on professionals

You should entrust all efforts related to the development and implementation of complex excavation our team because:

– we have extensive experience (over 10 years);

– we always use creative approach to solving problems of any level of complexity;

– we have adequate industrial base and high-class experts.

We are happy to do all the technical and economic calculations for you and will prepare the package of documents required for the construction, including schedules, estimates, explanatory notes, etc. You won’t need to worry about the timing of the construction work and the additional financial costs.


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