Road construction

When economic growth has changed a prolonged recession, many economists and government officials looking for ways to enhance economic activity some offer lower taxes, while others offered to subsidize small businesses. Of all the ways to stimulate economic growth roads building remains somewhat in the shade. And it is in vain, because the road is the circulatory system of the economy, moving the goods and labor throughout the country and neighboring countries. In addition, building roads produces a multiplier effect loading steel, asphalt and other enterprises.

Why we?

We managed to win the leading positions in the market due to several circumstances:

  • we perform all phases of road construction;
  • we offer high quality (for we have experienced staff available and modern machinery park);
  • we offer reasonable prices for services;
  • we use personal approach to the client.

Due to these advantages road construction in Kiev will continue to demonstrate a proactive pace.

In addition, our company has the technology and technical possibilities for applying modern road marking – a high-tech operation where the acrylic paint is replaced by the thermoplastic, which in most cases is applied to the roadbed in not a manual but automatic way using special machines.

Among other things, we carry out the installation of road signs of all types and standards and for over 10 years professionally engaged in any kind of repair roadwork. We maintain all the advanced tools and equipment necessary for such activities on a professional level. Pit repair we carry out in record time, using the latest technology as well as innovative technologies that ensure excellent quality of service.

Stages of roads building

At the stage of preparatory work the construction planning area is carried out on all the area which will run along the roadway.

Our company prepares all types of framework for the road: the carrier part and the lower layers of the so-called road “clothes” that provide resistance to climatic and soil impacts. We select high-quality and cost-effective materials to create a solid ground roads.

Soil developing in the trench is the first point which the UkrEuroDor company is dealt with before the excavation . This process can be quite time consuming and requires a good knowledge of experts.

The base of the road is usually formed of gravel. A service of laying asphalt, as a part of complex tasks whether in building new roads, either within the finished paving roads or restoration and repair of asphalt that has become unusable, is realized by our company using modern technology, quickly and accurately.

Construction of slopes and roadsides are an important part of building the road surface, which provides additional strengthening of soil and roads, as well as safety for drivers. Definitely, the presence of a border is a mandatory part of the road construction and the separation of the roadway or pedestrian zoning in landscape design as well as it carries a curb and strengthen protective functions of the roadway, because it contains reinforced steel rod frame.

UkrEuroDor Company asphalts covering on any existing technology. We have at our disposal the most modern equipment and materials, so we are able to offer customers guaranteed high strength and durability of the asphalt, making the operational timing paved short and good by its aesthetic and performance properties.


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