Spatial Planning

Comfort accommodation in the house or in the city as a whole depends on the functionality and appearance of the outer space and surrounding territory. It is obvious that the residence in the territory with broken sidewalks, curbs broke down, the yellow grass doesn’t bring any pleasure, but even threatens injury. However, this grim landscape can be radically transformed, it needs only to perform landscaping or as they say Spatial Planning. It remains to understand what it is and how to do it with minimal cost and time.

How to make spatial planning in Kiev?

Many cities have increased their spendings on landscaping, Kiev was not an exception. UkrEuroDor Company offers landscaping and spatial planning in Kyiv and other regions of Ukraine. We became the leading road construction company not only in the capital but also all around Ukraine. High quality of work is ensured by several factors:

  • – an extensive fleet of modern machinery;
  • – work only with high quality materials;
  • – availability of experienced staff;
  • – individual work with each customer.

In addition the price of land improvement in the company is completely democratic. If you wish to equip the territory in accordance with modern European standards, our experts are ready to make true of even the most unconventional idea.

What is spatial planning?

This service means equipping parks, and roadside houses, adjoining areas in the manner so that the residents and the visitors feel comfortable in the space in any weather and at  any time of the year.

Spatial planning may include a wide range of actions:

  • – laying asphalt,
  • – installation of curbs,
  • – paving walkways,
  • – landscaping,
  • – installation of small architectural forms,
  • – installation of roadside lighting.

The price depends on a set of selected services, and very often the attempts to save by minimizing work may lead to the opposite results.

If you really know how to count money, then this approach should be abandoned immediately, ordering the integrated development of the territory. Unlike selectively embodiment works, comprehensive spatial planning is a complete service, including both installation and dismantling (removing old asphalt and curbs, uprooting of dead), after which the customer can only enjoy the territories. In addition, a comprehensive improvement of the territory is carried out according to a predetermined plan, so the customer always knows exactly what he or she need and will get in the end.


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