Construction Machinery Rentals

The rapid development of the construction was the reason for the appearance on the market a large number of young companies, which due to their youth do not have enough specialized equipment – cranes, loaders and excavators. Take a multi-million dollar bank loans for the purchase of equipment – is a good question, because it is not known whether the company will be able to return the borrowed funds in time. But there is an alternative: specialized equipment rental allows you to use the most advanced mechanisms so you  does not have to spend limited resources to purchase them.

Advantages of renting construction equipment

Rental of excavators, loaders, cranes and other construction equipment is preferred not only from an economic point of view. Also, construction equipment rental has other advantages:

  • lessee has the option to choose a model for the type and scope of work;
  • the tenant does not need to keep them in good condition;
  • there is no need to seek professional operator (pecial construction equipment is rented with the operator);
  • the tenant will not have to arrange a place to store equipment downtime.

Of course, all of these benefits appear only when the rental company provides an opportunity to take a construction equipment rental of all types on the most attractive terms.

Where to get construction equipment rental?

The company “UkrEuroDor” is engaged in a wide range of construction works, in addition, our company provides a service for the rental of construction equipment . In our company you can rent the most advanced special equipment of any type and purpose:

  • bulldozers,
  • excavators,
  • rollers,
  • loaders,
  • cranes and more…

In addition to the wide range we offer attractive conditions: with transparent pricing mechanism and individual approach to each client so that anyone can  take a construction equipment rental in our organization on pleasant terms.

Our managers will conduct a comprehensive consultation on the types and models of special equipment, so the tenant even mustn’t understand the technical characteristics of each model if she or he doesn’t want to. A professional operators will provide the fastest and quality work that will significantly reduce the cost of rent.

Many companies that have used  rental of specialized equipment service in the company “UkrvEuroDor” copped to reach a new level of corporate development, standing on the same level with construction industry leaders. The same result you can make you just only need to call our managers.


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